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AutoAir CANDY 618 RACING GREEN Auto Air candy colors

Always attention to detail, technical skills, passion in our work and great attention to customer needs are the strengths that have allowed us to excel in the field of sale of AutoAir CANDY 618 RACING GREEN.
Consultando il catalogo di Aerografando you will immediately notice how vast it is and how diversified the model range is Auto Air candy colors, you will find the best AutoAir CANDY 618 RACING GREEN offers at the best prices on all AutoAir CANDY 618 RACING GREEN of the brands Createx AutoAir.

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The AUTOAIR Candy Colors are very transparent acrylic water used especially by Americans to create colorful shades and reflections on solid colors, which are applied precisely on the basis opaque, metallic or pearl. Very useful to give nuances to the flames. Their transparency allows the light that passes through them to combine with the color of the substrate and create a metallic effect of brightness in depth.

Their name "candy" to the characteristic appearance of "candy fruit" (in American candy) conferred by these cellulose paints when applied in several layers.

The final color obtained depends on the color of the candy and that of the metallic base, offering a wide palette of effects possible. Furthermore the various colors of Candy can be mixed together to get new colors.
The AUTOAIR Candy Colors are to be applied in several thin layers stacked and protected by a transparent end-to spray for small items or polyurethane for larger surfaces.
The colors Createx, Wicked, Auto Air and Illustration can be diluted with the High Performance Reducer.
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